What is Digital Marketing? Why, where and How to use it?

What is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing?

There were roughly 46K searches for the term "what is digital Marketing" every month last year over the internet. This data is as per the keyword research tool Wordtracker.com. If this is true then it’s quite obvious that everyone wants to educate themselves about Digital Marketing as it’s the biggest emerging segment of today’s market.

But through my thorough research and analysis, it seems that the actual process is still in the hiding and hardly a handful of humans know what exactly digital marketing is my statement can be supported by the fact that every month there were roughly 46K plus searches for the same term “What is Digital Marketing?” in the past year, remember every month there were these many searches.

Let's start with our Topic for today, what is Digital Marketing? Why should we use it? How to use it? Where to use it?

First things first What is Digital Marketing? Well my Friends Digital Marketing is the process of promoting your business online, in simple layman's terms. It’s the process of creating Brand Presence and awareness online through various tools available. In other words, it's simply the process of marketing your business digitally, and globally using the online platform of the World Wide Web.

Let’s first understand what is marketing, so as per Google Marketing Meaning is “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.”.


From the above example, you all can clearly understand what is marketing, Digital marketing is no different, it just doing the same thing Online rather than doing it offline. Now the next question that comes to mind is “Why do you need to do marketing only?” I will answer this part later before letting's address other Concerns. I am Leaving this part for the End because this is the most fascinating part and hence needs some suspense and curiosity of yours.

So the next question “How to use it?” In order to know the answer we first need to understand what is Digital Marketing thoroughly. First thing first, as per you what is marketing in your words? The answer as per Google is given above but per me, it’s a bit different. For me, Marketing is the process of making people understand why they should buy, what purpose my product or services will serve them and how it will make their lives or tasks easier. Yes, that’s the key, making people understand why they should purchase from you rather than anyone else.

Next is the process of making recurring purchases so that you can get a consistent business that will help you grow and prosper over time. Getting consistent business is the most difficult part as every now or then a new competitor comes into the market and you need to keep a check on them as well as your services in order to retain your customer and get new ones. The process is quite simple, you service your present customers, and on the basis of that, they give you feedback, reviews, and references. With references, you get more business. But this is not enough as the market is quite enormous and your reach remains obsolete and limited. So you need to share this feedback and reviews with new prospective Customers to attract them to your service. The main reason behind all this is the fact that “What is seen is sold.” If you are unable to show them, they will not buy from you regardless of the demand in the market.

To show the world what you got, you should choose the right platform so that your business has the maximum reach, and today the only platform that can give you worldwide reach is the Online platform, the Digital platform, or the World Wide Web.

This platform works on the same logic as the offline platforms do, the more references you get, the more business you have, In the online world also the more references you have the more “visitors and probable customers” you get. These references are effectively created by backlinks (Backlinks creation is a part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Good quality references always give you better business opportunities and results; the same is the case with Digital Marketing. Good, quality backlinks from high DA/PA (reference to good market value) websites give your business a better rating and your keywords rank higher than others. Every search engine uses different algorithms but the concept remains the same, the more referrals you have the higher your Business (Website/E-commerce/Online Store) will rank.

The second part of Digital Marketing is SMO (Social Media Optimization) or SMM (Social Media Marketing). Today there are Roughly 300 Million active Facebook users only in India, 265 Million active YouTube users only in India, and over 120 Million Active TikTok users only in India, the internet has spread in our Country just like Fire in a Forest. This is not just the case in India; this has been the case everywhere across the world. With so many people using these social media platforms it becomes a necessity for all business owners to promote their business here as they will get instant reach and in the long run, it helps in creating brand Awareness and Brand Value while creating a Community for your Business.

Next Comes the third aspect of Digital Marketing, the one that works for some of us and at the same time doesn’t work for some of us. This aspect is totally dependent on the current market demands and has Split results, for some the results are overwhelming and for some a pain in the A**. This aspect is known as PPC (Pay Per Click.) Pay per click of using paid advertisement services by various platforms such as all major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc., and major social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. You pay for every click because you are actually paying these platforms to show your business details, websites, and other materials on the Top in a particular keyword search. This is an On-Demand service and can be clubbed with other services and platforms to get optimal results.

Now the question is how to use it. The answer is quite simple if you have all the necessary tools and info on where to get the backlinks, how to create new backlinks, how to increase the DA/PA of your website, how to promote on social media platforms, and at the same time, if you have the requirements time to do so then you can do it on your own, else try to find a good agency Like Code2dev to do it for you at affordable prices.

The most important question that comes to one’s mind is “Where to use it?” Well for this question also the answer is quite simple, One should use it anywhere and everywhere possible because the current market trend in India and across the world is changing very rapidly and it is better to start building your strategies now than later.

Now the Million Dollar answer that I left for the End! “Why should we use Digital Marketing?

Please refer to the Section below. This Section was published by one of My friends on Facebook as his wall post and I totally agree with him on this. I will mention that friend in a later post.

“Economy is not struggling. The business models are changing.”

Often heard nowadays that “Economy is struggling”. Just sit back and dispassionately think “Is the economy really struggling *or* are Business Models struggling?”

Some food for thought:

1) Car sales are going down... *but Ola / Uber are rising.*

2) Restaurants are going empty... *but home delivery is rising*

3) Tuition classes are not getting students *but online studying is rising*

4) Traders are struggling *but online market sites are breaking all records in sales.*

5) Old commission-based businesses are sniveling... *but online services, at low cost, are finding takers.*

6) Cell phone bills have reduced & *Internet penetration is increasing.*

7) Stable Jobs (ref Govt. Jobs) are dwindling * but 'Start up' jobs are offering equity and Flexi work time are expanding_*

If truth be told what we are experiencing is a transition phase and Any transition is painful for the 'well set; masters of the past art.

*_It's challenging for those whose business models are based on ancient data_*

It's a mystery 4 those who have never looked beyond traditional methods or have assiduously resisted change of any kind.

*Economy is not struggling. The business models are changing.

I hope that this piece of information will help you in understanding the concepts and whereabouts of Digital Marketing and will also help you in planning strategies for the future. 

Please share your valuable Suggestions and Feedback with us at marketing@code2dev.com

Credits: The Data/Facts/Figures published above are taken from various internet sources such as Google, Facebook, Wordtracker.com, etc. Also, some information’s based upon Indian Daily Newspaper Articles. The concept, logic, and Content are written by “thelogicalguy.

With Love From Code2dev.


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