Why Every Business Needs an Android App

Why Every Business Needs an Android App

Why Every Business Needs an Android App

The popularity of android platform and apps is indisputable. We have the numbers to prove it:

  • There are more than 3 million apps on Google play store, by latest estimates.
  • The 1 billion plus Google play users are downloading android apps at a lighting speed.
  •  Altogether they are generating revenue of $77 billion for their brands.

And these are stunning facts only from Google play store. The independent or other third-party published apps are charting their own success stories. What’s more: the trend is on the upswing. More than 1.3 million android devices are activated daily. More the users, more will be the number of downloads and more the revenue generation scope.

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1.Your customers are mobile, is your business too?

Are you still skeptical about the benefits of android app for your business? Or, are you plagued with negative thoughts like- these apps are costly to develop; Google ask for hefty royalty fees for hosting them; or you don’t need an app since you have a website?

This article aims to shed light on these and many other myths about android apps. It also talks about how android apps can be a phenomenal revenue stream and brand building machine for your business.

2.Android Apps Have a Huge Market

Smartphone sales are booming.  They are becoming more affordable by the day. Even the low end devices boast of super-friendly interface and mesmerizing features that are attracting more and more users. Android powers more than 81% of all smartphones worldwide. Naturally, android apps have extensive reach and penetration in markets. Businesses that aim to target this wide user base need to invest in android apps.

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Now, let’s talk about the popularity of Google play store (previously android app store). It has seen phenomenal growth from 2.6 million users in 2016 to 2.8 million in 2017, making it the largest app store of 2017. Daily, 1,300 apps are hosted on this open marketplace. If your app is published on this beloved platform, it reaches masses in seconds.

Using skilled, experienced mobile app developers will ensure that your ingenuous app reaches the top-featured apps list rapidly. Independent publishers deny themselves the play store advantage when they publish apps on other less-popular third party platforms.

3.Low Barrier to Entry- Perfect for First-timers

There is no surprise that most businesses and developers are opting to build android apps. Their low barrier to entry makes android apps a perfect entry vehicle for businesses investing in app for the first time. The underlying architecture of Android is open source and royalty free. It comprises a rich repository of SDK libraries that can be used in your app, without paying big licensing fees. These libraries have sufficient variety to induce remarkable features in your app. A basic android app need not procure any costly paid external sources.

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The enormous market potential and low resistance to entry makes android apps a magnet for small businesses and start-ups. Who doesn’t love a business idea that reaches billions by investing a mere fraction of cost?

4.Multiple Revenue Sources

Android apps can multiply your revenue exponentially.

  • In-app purchases: There is a growing trend of people leaning towards in-app purchases rather than in-store purchases. In India alone, 42% web users regularly make purchases through their trusted apps.
  • Paid subscriptions: In addition to this, every time a user downloads a paid app from Google play store, almost 70% of the revenue goes to you. Paid subscriptions account for most of your revenue.
  • In-app advertising: Moreover, in app advertising is another great source of income. You can charge other brands to host sponsored ads in your app and boost your revenue in this way.

    Users Speak- Would You Download an App?
    Earlier, for hosting an app you had to negotiate with the handset provider or internet service provider who claimed 80% of all income generated by your app, making an unprofitable accessory for businesses. But app stores, especially Google play store, have a different policy. They not only offer free SDKs for developing your app they also host it for nominal charges. Then they share 70% of revenue with you-making for a win-win situation for you.

5.Powerful Marketing Tool

Mobile users are spending nearly 77% of their day and 90% of their mobile time on their favorite android apps. People are reaching out to apps for reasons varying from research, to reading reviews about brands, comparing prices, finding directions, making purchases, and varied other purposes. When people are spending so much of their time on apps, it makes sense to create your business’s presence through apps. Why not reach prospects and customers through their favored channel?

Users Speak- Would You Download an App?

Extremely Customizable

In fact, customers prefer businesses that have an app that they can access anyplace anytime. And this isn’t true only for social media apps or ecommerce apps. All kinds of businesses need android advantage.  If your business hasn’t developed an android app, it’s quite possible that you’re pushing your audiences towards competitors who have apps. Even if you don’t want to bolster sales through apps, then also your app can create brand visibility and online presence for your business. This is extremely crucial for businesses in all domains and industries.

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